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Elect Prof. Jose J Granda to the Davis School Board     How is he different from other candidates?

Jose J. Granda, PhD, is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the California State University for 32 years and a Davis resident for 36 years. He came to Davis in 1978 to complete his doctoral studies at UC Davis and obtained his PhD in 1982.  He started his graduate career at UC Berkeley where he obtained a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and continued his PhD at UC Davis..
He is a well known and respected engineer and scientist known all over the world.  He has made significant contributions to the field of Mechatronics, Computer Simulations and Ground and Space Vehicles. Since 2002 besides his faculty position at CSUS, at invitation from NASA, he has worked as a NASA Faculty Fellow and has been part of the engineering team in several of the Space Shuttle Missions.  During STS-114, the Discovery mission, he was part of Mission Control.  He and his students continue to work on new projects which will take man to asteroids, the Moon and other planets.  He served as NASA mission public spokesman for 17 space shuttle missions.  His dedication and interest in education has gained him invitations from universities and high schools around the world where he takes his knowledge of science and engineering and his inspirational flight suit to motive young kids to become engineers and scientists. 

I you elect me you will see my leadership on the 3T's.   Let's make Davis Schools the most technological advanced, let's be responsible financially to the taxpayers and let's support our teachers to deliver the best education for our youth. 


He started his service to Davis kids at the time two of his own children were in Davis Public Schools.  He was part of the first families that started the Spanish Immersion Program in Davis at Birch Lane Elementary School and at North Davis Elementary.  He has volunteer his talents in the classroom to help the teachers.  The School Board appointed him to the Task Force on Technology with the mission to advise the Board in the establishment of the first computer laboratories in Davis Public schools.

He is willing to serve on the School Board the best interest of the students and the taxpayers.  His vision, use his skills and knowledge to make Davis Schools the most technologically advanced schools anywhere. 


He believes that the spark of an engineering and science career starts by the age of 10.  That is elementary school.  For that reason, he conducts regularly motivational talks with children in elementary and high schools.  He does this whether at schools or in the wilderness.  He was the first in California to implement the Robotics Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts summer camp using a grant from NASA with a Boy Scout troop from Davis.  During Engineering Week at UC Davis, he participated as a speaker and counselor for the Engineering Merit Badge, an event in which 54 Davis boys scouts participated. The objective of his talks to children and young adults in high schools is to motivate them and encourage them to enter STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math) careers when they reach the University.  He believes that women deserve the same opportunities and through his grants has supported all girls science groups such as the "FEMBOTS", a robotics club made of all high school girls.  He keeps in touch with youngsters and anyone who wants to learn more about his work and space.  For this reason he maintains a scientific Twitter in English and Spanish.  It can be found  at: @SrNasa.  ( 

While science and engineering provide youngsters with a bright future, not everyone will become one.  For this reason Vocational Education has to be an integral part of the Davis School system to better serve the community and provide a future to youngsters with other skills.


Jose and other plaintiffs are proud of having contributed to keep the School Board honest.  He and others went to court to protect the taxpayers and won. The School District had illegally drafted Measure E.  The School Board had to conform to the law.   

Jose is opposed to the sale of the Grande Property, a prime land that belongs to the School District and of course to the taxpayers, originally planed for a neighborhood school.  Now special interests want this land to make money and possibly build houses.  Jose thinks this should become a Tutoring Center so parents won't have t scramble for help after school or to send their children to private courses to prepare for the SAT or ACT exams.  It could become a science center, an art center, a music hall, a language center etc, etc but not sell it to developers to build houses instead of building classrooms.


The opportunities for this program and others for special talents need to be open to everyone who is willing to try and challenge themselves. Jose believes the lottery system where a child's admission into Gate depends on luck, needs to be eliminated for a system in which eveyone is given an opportunity to try and challenge themselves.


Out of the seven candidates he is the only one that is a native Spanish speaker.  Jose believes foreign languages such as German, Chinese, Spanish and French are a priority in a child's education.  Jose speaks fluently four languages: German, French, English and Spanish.  He understand and lives cultural diversity.  He would set up a climate on Davis Schools that foreign languages are a very important priority and an integral part of a child's and young adults education.  They are the tools that will assist them in any career they chose to communicate with the globalized world, understand other cultures, enrich the whole person and be competitive in a global society.


He has lived in Germany, France, Switzerland and in Latin America which has given his a unique perspective of several educational systems from which to learn and implement in american education.  He understands the culture and is sensitive to the needs of immigrant children that need to integrate in American Culture and learn English.  He also understands the needs of American born children to expand their world and learn foreign languages. 

                       I will be honored to receive your vote

                                  Jose J. Granda, PhD

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